Top 5 ways to encourage your community to produce more UGC


#1 : Create your own hashtag challenge

You can create a hashtag to encourage your consumers to produce content in a creative way.

The RedBull #PutACanOnIt challenge was inspired by a post on Twitter of a consumer holding his can in front of a Mini Cooper to make the Mini look like a RedBull Mini. So the brand decided to launch the #PutACanOnIt challenge : people had to reproduce experiences through the staging of a can and share them on social networks.

RedBull consumers put a can on minis, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, planes, people and even dogs! They were very creative and created quite a movement around the hashtag

In just a few months, nearly 10,000 hashtagged #PutACanOnIt photos have been posted on social media.

#2 : Run a photo contest

Photo contests are very popular on Instagram and also effective in generating UGC in your community. The idea is simple: you create a contest and to be able to win one of your products, users must post a photo and an associated hashtag on their personal account.

Leroy Merlin asked to its community to be creative and use its DIY skills to participate in the challenge launched by the brand.

From 4 furniture models selected by bloggers, Internet users had to reinvent this furniture in a creative way. Furthermore, the post had to contain the hashtag #remakeleroymerlin.

© Leroy Merlin

Through this competition, participants are directly encouraged to produce UGC and share it on their social networks.

#3 : Re-post the UGC of your community

 One of the best ways to encourage your subscribers to produce more content is to re-publish the content they generate. By publishing the content produced by your brand’s fans, you will be able to create a relationship of trust with them or even transform them into your brand’s ambassador.

Thanks to the AdAlong platform, you can easily collect and select UGCs that you can then share with your community.

#4 : Interact regularly with your followers

There are several ways you can increase engagement with your social media followers. Instagram also implements a number of widgets to encourage interactions on social media.

You can do this through the post captions where you can start a conversation, tell a story or ask questions instead of just giving a brief description of your image. By boosting your caption, you will make it easier for your followers to interact with your content.

It can be the poll sticker or the question sticker designed specifically to collect feedback from your followers when you question them directly on your Instagram stories.

“Poll” Instagram Sticker
“Question” Instagram Sticker

#5: Your community first! 

The brand Glossier has understood this very well. In addition to constantly interacting with its community, the brand puts it forward and makes it a priority in its communication strategy.

For example, each week the brand makes a TOP 5 of the best publications where it has been tagged by its subscribers, whether on Instagram or Twitter. She posts them in stories on her Instagram page and then keeps them on the front page. The creator of the post is mentioned and visible to the entire brand community.

© Glossier


By leveraging the existing content of your consumers, you can build a brand that is personal, authentic, and trustworthy.  

Activate your community and turn the content created by your community into powerful marketing assets thanks to the AdAlong platform. 

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