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On social media, everyone has the power to create content and tell authentic stories. However, it is not only paid influencers that can have an impact on brand communications but also consumers and fans; by recommending your brand to friends and family, boosting engagement, and bringing you the social proof you need. Today, more than any other time, these are the key players that add authenticity to branded content, by expressing their opinions and ideas. These authentic voices reflect today’s society and trends.
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At AdAlong, we want to elevate these voices and place the communities on the forefront in order to revolutionize brand communications. We encourage brands to display authentic stories crafted by real people for real people.
The CtoC revolution is here to stay and we want to make sure your brand embraces it. Discover what your community wants, says, and feels and bring authenticity into your brand.

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We are free to be ourselves and we believe real people, real emotions and acceptance will lead to a more collaborative and positive society.


Creativity is what pushes us to see the world from a different perspective. We want to amplify the creators voice through the power of community.


Social network is a never settled place, this is why we always look forward. We are passionate about innovation and determined to drive change. 

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