Covid-19: How to stay connected with your community thanks to UGC?

In a report on the latest digital trends by We are Social and Hootsuite, we learn that 47% of Internet users say that they spend more time on social networks during the lockdown.

Despite this increase, the budget devoted to digital marketing suffered a sharp drop of 9.6% (Colombus Consulting firm).

It’s amazing to see a reduction in marketing spend when users have never been so active on social media. While traditional means of advertising are becoming more and more complicated to set up (limited or prohibited gatherings to organize photo and video shootings), the use of User Generated Content on e-commerce website and social networks represents a key content to maintain and accelerate the development of the business activity.

Strengthen ties with your community

While non-essential businesses have just opened again in France after a new lockdown, brands must more than ever redouble their efforts to maintain the connection and unite their communities.

Social media are therefore an ideal place to connect with your audience.

Created by consumers, UGCs are a source of authentic content allowing brands to stay in touch with their consumers during lockdown while building a relationship of trust.

Here are examples of brands using the UGC with relevance during the lockdown:

Nike: a virtual 42 km marathon

Nike has set up a virtual race to be carried out in Paris thanks to its “You can’t stop Paris” challenge.

The goal: run 42 km in one week while respecting the rules of movement (perimeter of 1 km around our home for 1 hour).

To take up the challenge, just log into the brand’s app and start the race. Despite social distancing and restrictions on athletic activities, Nike is succeeding in motivating its community to work out with this challenge specially designed for the lockdown.

The brand gives users one more opportunity to produce UGC as they are invited to share the experience of this virtual marathon on social networks.

KFC challenges you to recreate your favorite nuggets at home

During the lockdown, KFC UK & Ireland launched a competition by challenging the public to reproduce their favorite KFC meal at home. Once the photo is posted, it must be accompanied by a hashtag #RateMyKFC so the KFC team can re-tweet it on their Twitter account and give your dish a score out of 10.

KFC engages its community in a humorous tone by encouraging them to produce and post content specific to the brand.

New strategies for brands

Today, the Covid crisis is impacting the economy by causing a drop in marketing spending and by limiting most traditional ways of promotion.

Yet consumers have never spent so much time online and on social media.

Brands must adapt their communication strategies to the new consumption habits of French people..

On the one hand, brands must encourage theirs subscribers to produce UGC through theirs social networks by creating more interactions and debate. On the other hand, they must include these UGCs in their social media strategy because this is the most relevant and authentic way of promotion for brands.

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