Visual community content is relevant to all industries 🚀

In 2021, AdAlong has multiplied by 4 the number of its customers! Thank you to them for their trust! We now work with players from 8 different sectors: Beauty, Automotive, Toy, Insurance, Fashion, Retail, Telecom and Tourism. This shows that today, all sectors want to put forward authentic content in their communication.

Beyond the social proof brought by these contents, and thus provide the reassurance demanded by consumers, our clients wish to have a more inclusive communication, showing the diversity of their communities, and weave closer and more collaborative links with them.

More than 80% of the consumers and fans contacted, not only agree to the brand using their visual content for free but they are also delighted! … and thus more likely to post more content by tagging, mentioning their favorite brand. ❤️ So we enter a virtuous circle: more engagement, more conversion, more UGC, more visibility!

At AdAlong, we are very proud to co-build with our clients the only platform that automates the curation and distribution of Visual Content from consumers and fans, and to participate together in the authenticity revolution #nofilter #authenticity #diversity 👷‍♀️👷