UGC at Scale 🚀

Today, brands generate up to several thousand UGCs per day on their social networks. When they want to reuse them, they have to curate these contents which is tedious. You have to sort them, filter them, select them and ask the rights to the creators before you can reuse them … 🤯

Thanks to the AdAlong platform, it becomes easy!

You have three options:

1. Looking for similar UGCs: have you spotted a UGC and want to find all those that look like it? As on Pinterest, find similar UGCs to the one you have selected in one click thanks to the similar search function 👥

2. UGC automatic feeds: are you short on time and want to collect similar UGCs quickly? Our platform can do this automatically for you. Thanks to visual recognition algorithms, the platform will be able to create an automatic selection of UGC from a visual label that you have previously defined ⏩

3. Personalized search: perform a personalized search among the content published by your consumers on our search bar by defining mentions, hashtags or visual labels. Then sort among these contents using the different filters available: language, date, source of content or type of media 🔍

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