Top 5 ways to use UGC in Canva 👩‍🎨

Thanks to the integration of AdAlong with Canva, create beautiful and authentic visuals. Here are a few tips to create visuals that include UGC for your social networks on Canva:

#1: Instagram Stories 
With hundreds of Instagram stories templates to choose from, you can easily share UGC every day on Instagram!

#2: Reviews 
Customer reviews are always a good marketing asset to influence the purchasing decision. So why not turn these reviews into brand assets? Detect your best customer tweets with our platform and use Canva templates to add your brand identity.

#3: Branded Posts 
On Canva, you can upload all your brand assets such as fonts, logos, design elements, colors and thus prepare your creative templates. Instead of adding stock images, just drag and drop UGC in your Canva templates to make branding images. 

#4: Stopmotion Videos 
A stop-motion video is an animation technique in which one frame is captured at a time. Use the timer feature on each frame to make UGC images and design elements move along with your video creation.

#5: Mosaic Designs 
By showcasing the volume of content shared by your community, you can reinforce the messages of authenticity and diversity. Thanks to mosaic images templates, easily add multiple UGC in the same content creation.