Grow with
your community

Curate authentic visual content and engage
the best advocates for your brand.

    Let your community tell the story for you

    • Increase brand awareness and visibility on social networks.
    • Improve the engagement of fans and consumers with your social publications.
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    • Increase your sales with shoppable social content.

    Make your fans content belongs to your brand

    • Grow your community organically by regularly sharing content made by real people for real people.
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    • Curate and share the right content with our AI based platform and your favorite publishing tool.
    • Build your visual content library and get thousands of photos and videos shared by your fans to create authentic branded content for all your social channels.
    UGC brand content

    Create ads that resonate with your audience

    • People feel overwhelmed by ads and crave authenticity. By placing consumers at the heart of your social ads, you adopt an empathetic and inclusive approach, creating a seamless social experience.
    • Easily request rights from content creators to integrate your UGC on social ads with your advertising management tool.


    Engagement rate on UGC posts shared on social channels.


    Greater click-through-rates on ads with UGC.

    Know what your audience likes and drive conversion up with retargeting ads

    • Increase click-through rate on retargeting ads by including UGC with the products your audience shows interest with.

    Detect your next influencers

    • Discover your potential ambassadors and gain valuable insights on any recent mentions, hashtags & tags.
    • Activate these new authentic voices to influence the rest of your community and build your next brand advocates at lower cost.
    • Use our product linking tool to feature specific product organic influencers photos.
    See how you can turn content created by your
    community into high-performing marketing assets