Empower brand advocacy
with employees

Employee advocacy programs tailored to find your brand advocates,
engage your employees and attract top talents.

    UGC employee advocacy

    Make your employees your first brand ambassadors

    • Identify the employee advocates to inspire and activate all the employees with a singular tone of voice, consistent brand identity, and some recognizable elements that increase the sense of belonging to the company.
    • Give employees something interesting or fun to share. Encourage them to share what motivates them personally about the brand by organizing an employee photo contest.


    of people believe that employees are more trustworthy spokespeople of a company that CEOs.

    Leverage Employee Generated Content to attract top talent

    • Encourage employees to share information about the company by showing branded furniture, meeting rooms, merchandising, social activities, celebrations, collaborative projects. Let’s open the doors of the company with EGC and allow candidates to imagine themselves in their future work environment.


    of companies with a successful employee advocacy program are more likely to attract top talent.


    of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job.

    Employee Generated Content
    See how you can turn content created by your
    community into high-performing marketing assets