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Make your brand more relatable and reliable
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    Your customers are your ambassadors

    Your customers become your most trusted ambassadors

    • Inspire shoppers with UGC galleries that allow real consumer identification with your products.
    • Increase time spent on site and encourage repeat visits with UGC galleries by showcasing how your products come to life with real customers.


    increase in repeat visits when websites feature UGC.


    more time spent on website when UGC galleries are included.

    Build visual reviews of your products from UGC

    • Take advantage of your UGC to build social proof for your products, generated by thousands customers reviews.
    • Build a bridge with your community on social by embedding social galleries through our tailored widgets into any type of page.


    of product users say images have more impact on their purchasing decision.


    of information sent to the brain is visual.

    UGC social proof e-commerce

    Leverage UGC to inspire shoppers

    • With AdAlong’s UGC expertise, creative concepts for UGC galleries on your website can be developed to better connect with your marketing purpose.
    • AdAlong’s AI technology, combined with UGC marketers, is your best ally to build inspirational content for your customers to engage with.

    Bring social commerce to the next level with UGC

    • From discovery to checkout, enhance the purchasing journey with shoppable content including UGC.
    • Improve your conversion rate on your e-commerce page by connecting your product catalog to content shared on social networks by your fans and consumers.
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    See how you can turn content created by your
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