The partnership CS x AA 🚀

Contentsquare and AdAlong help their customers to optimize content performance on websites. Together, we enable our customers to choose and display the right content at the right place. 

With AdAlong platform, brands leverage automatically the visual content created by their communities on all communication channels to boost engagement and conversion.

The Challenge :

  • Brands need performing and specific content to boost conversion and engagement. 
  • CGCs are the most performing content but their curation is challenging. 
  • Customers are looking for different types of visual content (inspirational, use of the product in life…).  With CS we optimize the placements for these contents depending on the customers’ needs.

The Solution:

AdAlong provides CGC and ContentSquare measures their impact on the different steps of the consumer journey. 

Working together, we enable our customers to better select the content and their placement to maximise conversion and customer retention.

The Benefits:

  • More awareness: +30% more engagement with CGC posts & 9/10 creators create more CGC when reshared by brand.
  • Higher conversion: +60% conversion rate on e-commerce and x5 click-through rate on ads.
  • AdAlong is a productivity platform where the content curation is automated thanks to 22K visual labels.
  • In one click, request IP rights automatically from creators and match the best CGC found online with your product catalog.
  • Thanks to ContentSquare, we are now able to track the efficiency of our customers’ CGC strategies.
  • This partnership provides all our customers with an all in one solution to maximize their online performances.

How Customers Use Contentsquare & AdAlong Today?

Client Website: Celebrate your community diversity with UGC and Highlight your community diversity and creativity with shoppable content on your website. It reflects and proves to the community that inclusiveness matters

Platform Productivity: Enable clients to create automated feeds. Find generic automated suggestion trends and suggestions of product and category linking based on visual and semantic analysis. Scale the usage of CGC, save more time on your teams and increase revenues on e-comm. 

CS x AdAlong: Contentsquare + AdAlong helps AdAlong’s customers by providing measurements on CGC display to measure their performances and adjust their selection and display in order to maximize customers’ benefits.